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Loop Filmworks Delivers Godfather Spots For Bravo

Loop Filmworks' director, David Chartier, recently wrapped up a promotional package for Bravo Network's special screening of the GODFATHER Saga. Loop Filmworks incorporated story-board style illustrations and sound bites from Bravo's INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO to illustrate some of the behind-the scenes stories told by director Francis Ford Coppola and stars Robert DeNiro, James Caan and Al Pacino. The spots have a stylized rotoscope animation look and were designed to look like archived film footage from the 1970s. "The client was not interested in an overly 'cartoony' style," explains Chartier. "It made more sense to do the shots as low-key and straight forward as possible, since the dialogue is so interesting. Fortunately, the loose, sketchy style of animation made it easy for us to generate various 'looks' that complimented the storyboard art used to tell each story." Executive producer Avi Zev Weider said, "These promos show how effective illustration can grab the viewer's attention like few other mediums can. Each night the GODFATHER Saga airs, the network will show a different bundle of spots specifically tailored to what is going on in the movie at the moment - taking viewers behind the scenes in a tongue-and-cheek manner."

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