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Loop Filmworks Creates Experimental Shorts For Noggin

Animation and production house Loop Filmworks has created a series of short films for Noggin, directed by David Chartier. "Noggin came to us with the idea of creating a series of short films told from the perspective of a precocious kid who uses his parents video camera to capture things he's curious about - such as which type of ice cream melts the fastest, and, how many ants could you fit at one time on a lollipop. We came up with about 10-12 clever kid-like experiments, without resorting to burning ants, and shot them on location using a digital camera in a verite style." The live-action experiment footage was given to Loop's design team who then added a graphic interface and icons that explain and introduce each "experiment," as well as various minor effects, (time-lapse) and clean-up using Adobe AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. "This is a unique project for us," said Chartier. "We're primarily known as an animation house, but we have had a lot of experience with live-action - both short-form and long-form. This project allowed us to show all of our capabilities by shooting the live-action, designing 3D animated graphics and posting it completely in-house. In every phase the project was very conceptual and we were able to pull it off quite well."

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