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Loonland Animation Creates PSA For UNICEF

TV-Loonland subsidiary Loonland Animation in Budapest has created and donated a short film in support of UNICEF. "Cartoons for Children's Rights" is a UNICEF broadcast initiative that aims to inform people around the world about child rights. So far, the effort has forged partnerships with nearly 70 animation studios in 32 countries that have developed 30-second non-verbal public service announcements (PSAs). UNICEF distributes the PSAs to broadcasters for the cost of the tape. The Loonland-produced animated short will make its debut in 2002 on public broadcasting stations and in teaching institutions worldwide as well as on the UNICEF Website. Using the Convention on the Rights of the Child as the basis for the initiative, studios and animators from around the world have chosen an article from the Convention to animate. Loonland Animation has produced a film illustrating "Every Child Has The Right For Protection From Abuse." Loonland Animations Mihaly Kosaras drew the storyboards and created the animation, which was composited by Krisztian Antok. TV-Loonland subsidiaries have contributed to the campaign since its inception. All work is done on a pro bono basis. If you would like to view past PSAs or find out more about this program visit UNICEF.

Deborah Reber provides a look at how almost 80 studios around the world joined forces to form UNICEF's International Animation Consortium for Child Rights.

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