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Warner Bros. Online has officially unveiled the new Website with the first original Looney Tunes shorts (online or offline) in more than a year. In addition, the site has more games, a new Showcase section where fans can get the latest Looney Tunes news, an updated Looney Shop and more Looney Loot.

"Known for their irreverence and timeless humor, it is always a lot of fun to create new content featuring these beloved characters," said Jim Noonan, svp/gm of Warner Bros. Online. "Looney Tunes fans are among the most passionate and we look forward to rolling out a wide variety of new activities featuring their favorite characters."

The Web shorts feature popular Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig in a broad array of zany sketches, including, to name a few:

* Parallel Porked -- Daffy shows up to take his driver's license test and hopes it will be a cakewalk -- but thanks to Porky Pig, the test is anything but easy.* H2 Uh-Oh! -- Daffy hogs the neighborhood's water for his own amusement park pleasure -- but who will be all wet in the end?* The Cat Stays In The Picture -- In a stylistic nod to the classic Looney Tunes, this short features Sylvester and Tweety at a Hollywood movie premiere!

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