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Looney Tunes Return To The Big Screen

He's no Michael Jordan, but Brendan Fraser (THE MUMMY, GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE) has signed on to be the live-action star in Warner Bros. Pictures new live-action/animation feature film LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION (what no SPACE JAM II?). Production is scheduled to begin on July 29, 2002, in southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, with animation production at the Warner Bros. Animation facilities in Sherman Oaks, California. Directed by Joe Dante (GREMLINS, SMALL SOLDIERS) and produced by Bernie Goldmann (former head of production at Village Roadshow Pictures), LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION is written by Larry Doyle (THE SIMPSONS) and executive produced by Chris deFaria (CATS & DOGS) and Doyle. The story has Fraser interacting with the familiar band of Looney Tunes, led by Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taz and Tweety, as they embark on an adventure that takes them from Hollywood to Las Vegas to the jungles of Africa in search of Fraser's character's missing father and the mythical Blue Diamond. The film is scheduled to be in theaters November 2003. Warner Bros. Animation is currently in production on a series of LOONEY TUNES animated theatrical shorts that will share the marquee with other Warner Bros. Pictures releases. The new shorts will star a variety of classic WB animated characters in contemporary situations. Larry Doyle is producing, as well as overseeing the writing team and contributing as a writer on several of the shorts. In still more LOONEY TOONS news, Cartoon Network will premiere its newest original animated series, BABY LOONEY TUNES, starting Tuesday, September 3, 2002.