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Look Effects Pulls In a Crowd For Rocky Balboa

Look Effects was the sole vendor providing visual effects for Sylvester Stallone's ROCKY BALBOA (MGM), working on more than 150 shots.

In ROCKY BALBOA, Look sought to recreate the atmosphere that accompanies a sold out world-title fight. In bringing this atmosphere to the screen Look ensured that ROCKY BALBOA is far larger in scope and scale than any other boxing movie. Look's crowd duplication work in the film allowed Rocky to fight in front of a sold out house at Mandalay Bay enabling audiences to truly experience the intensity and electricity of a world championship title bout.

In a separate sequence, the movie's culminating fight scene, further enhancing the movie's atmosphere Look actually stitched footage of a Stallone fight onto stock footage taken in the MGM Grand. The ring replacement meant that Rocky was able to fight against a live audience that was actually watching an Oscar De La Hoya title fight, adding a level of reality to the bout that's often missing in movies solely relying on wide stadium shots or stadium extras.

"We were delighted to be the sole vendor working on ROCKY BALBOA," said Mark Driscoll, president and founder of Look Effects. "Working creatively with Stallone to put his vision on screen has been a real pleasure. At Look, we consistently strive to work collaboratively with directors from the onset, and I think this is reflected in the quality of our final product."

Look Effects ( is a leading provider of digital effects solutions for feature film, entertainment television and commercial projects with its services, such as digital effects design, supervision and production, 3D animation, including full 3D character animation and compositing services.