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Look Effects Does More With Less CG on The Fountain

Hollywood-based Look Effects recently completed vfx work on Darren Aronofskys THE FOUNTAIN (Warner Bros., Nov. 22). The film, which takes place over the span of one thousand years, stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.

Look Effects was brought aboard the project in its early stages to help Aronofsky define parameters for achieving his artistic vision without the overuse of computer graphics, a particular dislike of the director. As part of the initial design team, Look Effects conducted extensive research and development in to the most effective means for toning down the use of CG through the creation of practical, yet stunning visual effects.

Look completed nearly 87 shots on the film including major set extensions with huge vista shots of Mayan countries, digital matte paintings, image enhancements, face replacement and blemish removals, and animated reveals of certain key elements in the film such as bringing an inanimate tree to life as a central character in the film.

Darren was quite clear on what he wanted and his intent to greatly minimize the use of computer graphics, said Looks visual effects supervisor Henrik Fett. Look Effects was thrilled to offer Darren a number of options to successfully achieve his vision without the proliferation of CG. I think the results are outstanding.

Look Effects (, is a leading provider of digital effects solutions for feature film, entertainment television and commercial projects with its services including digital effects design, supervision and production, 3D animation and compositing services. Its team of diversely talented artists, designers and producers has pioneered a flexible production model that enables them to achieve stunning results to efficiently realize creative visions. TV credits include CRIMINAL MINDS, BONES, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE and CSI: NY. Feature credits include THE BLOOD DIAMOND, NEXT, THE FOUNTAIN, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MANS CHEST, LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE, THE PRODUCERS, ROCKY BALBOA, SUPERMAN II and FUR.