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London’s HRA Produces Shreddies “Oliver”

Londons production house HRA has completed the latest commercial for Cereal Partners Shreddies, featuring Mr. Hungry. HRA director Andrew Painter teamed with Ian Sharp, director at Talkback Productions, to produce a matchless combination of live-action and animation. The live-action component was inspired by the well-known musical version of OLIVER, perfectly captured to create an atmospheric world inhabited by larger than life characters, both human and animated. The spot opens on a Victorian workhouse as the hero, Oliver, silences his classmates by daring to ask Mr. Bumble for more. Unfortunately the peckish child is the perfect victim for Mr. Hungry, who preys on those with a rumbly-tummy. The only way to keep him at bay is with a bowl of Shreddies. Painter commented, I was delighted to have the opportunity to animate a fun and challenging character like Mr. Hungry. Ian supplied the perfect setting, enabling us to seamlessly integrate Mr. Hungry into his environment. HRA produced the commercial almost entirely in-house. CGI product sequences were built and animated by HRAs sister-company, HR3d, and all elements were composited by Animops. The commercial aired for the first time on April 16, 2001.