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London Effects & Animation Festival set to begin!

The sixth London Effects & Animation Festival (November 16 - 18, 1999) is athree-day event celebrating outstanding achievement, previewingground-breaking technologies in computer generated animation and specialeffects, and introducing participants to the very latest ideas, techniquesand tricks in this incredibly fast-moving business. An international castof speakers offer up-to-the minute briefings on their latest work andtechnical developments. Over 1000 of Europe's leading creatives will bethere. Make sure you are one of them. This is your only chance this year inEurope to see exclusive unreleased works, learn from the world's leadingcreatives, see their current works in progress and meet your fellowcreatives all in one place at one time. Glenn MacQueen, from PixarAnimation Studios, will deliver the opening keynote festival address.Additional speakers include representatives from such prestigious effectsand animation companies as: Alias|Wavefront, Blue Sky, Dreamworks,ExMachina, Pacific Data Images, Sony Pictures Imageworks, The Mill, andmore. Plus, Industrial Light and Magic will present seven sessions on "StarWars' Episode I: The Phantom Menace," with the participation of Rob Coleman.For detailed information, visit the festival web site

Visit the LEAF website.