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Lombardo Made GM At Cinesite Hollywood

Dan Lombardo has been promoted from vp of production to general manager of Cinesite Hollywood, reporting to Colin Brown, Cinesite Worldwide CEO. Lombardo will guide the studio in its new concentration on providing digital film mastering, restoration, and scanning and recording services to filmmakers. The studio recently closed its visual effects department, moving all such work to Cinestie Europe in London. "Cinesite Hollywood will focus on providing hybrid digital-film services," Brown said. "Cinesite is also a window on the industry for Kodak scientists who are exploring ways to build bridges between the film and digital worlds." Lombardo began his career at Amblin Entertainment. He advanced through the management ranks at several leading-edge digital effects facilities including Digital Domain. He was exec producer/vp of production at Computer Film Company and Manex Visual Effects before joining Cinesite in 2001. Lombardo has managed creative teams and technology tools needed to complete VFX work on up to 28 films in a year including the recently finished Twentieth Century Fox release, X-MEN 2. Cinesite is a Kodak subsidiary and part of the company's entertainment imaging division. For additional information, visit the Cinesite Website at