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LOGAN Expands into Film & Television with the Launch of Logan Pictures

LOGAN expands its boundaries into television, film, and new media with the launch of Logan Pictures; the company will be led by producer Nick Moceri and overseen by LOGAN founders, Ben Conrad and Alexei Tylevich.

Award-winning creative studio and production company, LOGAN, is expanding the boundaries of its leading edge creative prowess with a new content development arm called Logan Pictures, which launches with a diverse slate of film, television, and new media projects. The company’s first feature film, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, written and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, was received with high praise and positive reviews from critics at Sundance Film Festival 2014 and kicked off the 2014 New Directors / New Films Festival at the MoMA in New York City. The new operation will be led by producer Nick Moceri and overseen by LOGAN founders, Ben Conrad and Alexei Tylevich.

“Our team has brought to life some seriously groundbreaking commercial concepts for some of the world’s most iconic companies, and that’s something we’re incredibly proud of.  But, as a team, we’re not even close to reaching our full creative potential,” states Conrad. “Logan Pictures gives us the opportunity to explore an entire new spectrum of production. With a festival-favorite already under our belt, it’s clear that our team harnesses the talent and vision to produce visually-appealing and emotionally-captivating film concepts in a new era of truly innovative feature films and avant-garde artistry.”

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night serves as a daring and auspicious debut for Logan Pictures and director alike, and has been met with rave reviews in Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, and The New York Times. “Otherworldly” meets Iranian “underworld” as Amirpour weaves together a female-empowerment narrative with a moody love story and presents it against a neo-noir backdrop. Moceri, Conrad, and Tylevich were all executive producers on the film, and Moceri will continue to take the lead as producer for Logan Pictures’ subsequent projects.

“We’re thrilled to make this leap into film and television.” states Tylevich. “Logan Pictures allows our team to expand their creative horizons by utilizing the capabilities of the entire Logan family. We look forward to delivering more unique and engaging content.”

LOGAN and its live-action division, Logan & Sons, will continue to churn out culturally-edged commercial campaigns, animation and visual effects projects for its suite of world-renowned clients.

Source: LOGAN

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