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LOGAN and 72andSunny Team for 'Skylanders SWAP Force'

LOGAN teams up with 72andSunny and Activision Publishing to create an all new spot for “Skylanders SWAP Force.”

Infused with a childlike sense of fun and excitement, the two-minute Skylanders SWAP Force spot directed by LOGAN’s Jens Gehlhaar is an energetic showcase of character animation. The new spot is also a testament to the potency of collaboration, its eye-catching visuals and clever concept developed and executed in tandem with creative teams from 72andSunny and Activision Publishing, Inc.

Skylanders SWAP Force is an extension of the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants toy and game line, now offering kids the ability to swap the top and bottom halves of SWAP Force characters. Approaching the spot with an inspired idea, the Activision, 72andSunny and LOGAN teams orchestrated an homage to a now-classic Fat Boy Slim music video. As the song plays, the characters swap body parts to create new hybrids, all the while dancing in time with the beat.

“Our office is just down the street from both Activision and 72andSunny, so our three companies worked together very closely. Everyone was involved with just about every aspect of the project – from writing, storyboarding, and board-o-matics to blocking to modeling, animating, lighting, rendering, and final touch up in Flame – everyone contributed to the final product,” explained Gehlhaar. “Luckily we have some fantastic character animators at LOGAN who were able to take everything that was being thrown at them.”

“The amazing thing about Activision is that they’re so willing to push boundaries. The Fatboy Slim concept was a bit of creative risk – referencing a band that was popular before a lot of the games’ fans were even born. This is definitely a youthful spot, but we didn’t feel at all limited by the target audience,” added Gehlhaar.

LOGAN was also energized by its return to agency 72andSunny, a creative partnership that has continued over several projects. “The folks at 72andSunny are always a blast to work with,” noted Founder and ECD Alexei Tylevich, “They’re a very ambitious and talented team with a strong creative vision.”

Prior to the “Skylanders SWAP Force” spot, LOGAN created a series of animated games for Nike+, continuing a diverse series of multi-platform animation projects.

Source: LOGAN

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