Search form Brings Latin Language To The Net

Locomotion, a primetime cable animation network for young-adults, has now launched, broadcasting animation to fans in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The site will initially produce three of its own series entitled EL SANTOS, TEEVY and RUDO BY NIGHT. SANTOS is based on the cult comic strip from Mexican artists Jis and Trino. TEEVY from British artist Robert Ramsden follows the illogical world of Teevy. From Australians Eddie Mort and Lili Chin, RUDO follows the crazy adventures of a wrestling night school. In the future Mort and Chin will work on three more series -- DR. AMOEBRA, AFRO BOY and THE FUZZ -- for the Netcaster. One section of the site will direct Net surfers to other great animation around cyberspace. Upcoming features will be chat rooms, e-cards and a HTHT (Hi Tech & Human Touch) section -- devoted to digital art from up-and-coming artists. ", just like our cable television channel, confirms our commitment to deliver the highest quality primetime animation genre in all media," said Rodrigo Piza, Locomotion general manager. "Our goal for is to deliver to our audience all the animation available on the Web, taking advantage of our strong promotional platform, while introducing the Locomotion experience through the Internet to new markets especially the United States." Locomotion is a joint venture between Cisneros Television Group and the Hearst Corporation.

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