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LocoMotion Animates Tropical Party With Vicon Motion-Capture

LocoMotion Studios, an Austin, Texas-based motion-capture service bureau, recently completed the Corona commercial "Perico" using the award-winning Vicon 8 optical motion-capture system. This 30-second commercial, created for Atomic Pictures in San Antonio, Texas, features several characters who emerge from water drops off the sides of a bottle of Corona and a keg of beer to create a festive environment that recreates a bar at a tropical resort. All of the dancing and acrobatic moves were captured using a 10-camera Vicon 8 motion-capture system. As one of the male characters high jumps onto a towel, the other figures are seen dancing nearby in a fun, party-like atmosphere. The characters are also seen catapulting off a spoon and pole vaulting using a straw. The commercial ends with all three characters jumping back onto the bottle and bucket to resume their roles as water droplets. "We set up a full scale pole vault and high jump inside a gym to create this animated commercial. In capturing the motion data, we needed a sophisticated and flexible system that would enable us to capture the long runs and height necessary to authentically capture these moves," said Lynne Weynand, producer at LocoMotion Studios. "With the Vicon 8 system, we were able to capture the height and distance we needed. Also, the constant accessibility to support from Vicon was a valuable asset to us on this and many other shoots."

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