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Locarno Film Festival Beckons!

57th Locarno International Film FestivalLocarno, SwitzerlandAugust 4 - 14, 2004Deadline: June 11, 2004

The Locarno International Film Festival is renowned for its tradition of experimentation, discovery, eclecticism and passion for auteur cinema, and for the convivial and friendly networking opportunity for distributors, buyers, producers and journalists from around the world.

International Competition is reserved for full-length fiction features. International Video Competition is reserved for films on video of more than 30 minutes in length. Piazza Grande section is reserved for films which, while being spectacular and entertaining, have an innovative capacity in style and content. The films are presented in Piazza Grande (8,000 seats) on a giant screen (26 m x 14 m). Retrospective section pays tribute to a filmmaker or film movement and designed to make a contribution to the history of cinema. Filmmakers of the Present presents a selection of characteristic works in the "first person", treading the confines between fiction and documentary, and/or combining experimentation in new media with research into new narrative styles. The above line of programming is reserved for works shot on film of more than 60 minutes in length and for works on video of over 20 minutes in length. Leopards of Tomorrow, bringing together short and medium-length films (35 mm and 16 mm shot on video or on film up to 40 minutes in length) by young directors who have not yet made their feature film debut: end-of-year and diploma works from film schools, first filmmaking experiments by new talents. The selection is organized in two special sections dedicated respectively to Switzerland and, this year, to French language films from France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada and African countries.

For more information, contact Brigitte Hubmann or Sylvain Lévesque by phone at (800) 567-0890 or (514) 283-6363, e-mail, or visit or

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