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Little Animation Inc. and the Earth Charter Secretariat Collaborate

Little Animation Inc. has teamed with the Earth Charter International Secretariat on the KIDS STORIES INTERNATIONAL childrens project.

The KSI deliverables include an Interactive Package now in development, featuring Planet Earth and Rosie, an animated child of 10, loaded with curiosity. Through animation, music and the hilarious antics of Rosie, children of all ages will learn how to become responsible earth stewards; they will be challenged to make choices as well as entertained with innovative inter-activities. The KSI Interactive Package is being developed by Little Animation Inc. and Songlines-Earth Prods. Inc. and a limited beta version will be available in June 2005 via the launch of the new Kids Stories website.

Little Animation Inc. is an animation company based in Montreal, and practicing venture philanthropy. Their flagship project is KIDS STORIES INTERNATIONAL (KSI), a TV series animating stories and drawings from children around the world, and hosted by a charming animated character named Planet Earth. A percentage of the KSI profits will go to funding education for children in the world who have none. This series combines entertainment, education and a global community spirit. For more information, visit, and

The Earth Charter ( is a set of values, principles, and aspirations promoting a peaceful and sustainable future. Recognized by UNESCO as an important ethical framework in the United Nations Decade for Education for Sustainable Development.

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