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Liquid Light Helps Give Birth To Goliath

Liquid Light Studios of Los Angeles helped give birth to Valencia,California's theme park Six Flags Magic Mountain's new roller coaster --"The Goliath." Liquid Light created a 3D simulation of the ride, so execscould take in the thrills before tracks were even laid. Last year, theanimation studio completed a similar 3D simulation for the park's"Riddler's Revenge." Built around an "Indiana Jones," jungle theme, themain highlights of this new coaster is that it travels up to speeds of 85mph and climbs to heights of 255 feet. The 2:30 minute animation shows theentire ride along with the atmospheric effects of smoke oozing from a120-foot underground black tunnel, depth-defying drops and a mixture oftwists and turns. Liquid Light Studios used 3D Studio Max (Discreet)running on Intergraph workstations for this animation. Digimation's Gliderwas the main plug-in used to achieve the smooth effect of the train glidingacross the track.

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