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LIPSinc releases Ventriloquist for MAX 3

LIPSinc. recently announced that they have released a version ofVentriloquist, their lip-synchronization plug-in, for 3D Studio MAX version3. Ventriloquist is a voice-recognition lip-synching system which drivesthe animation based on the input of audio files. Timing and keyframe datawithin Ventriloquist for MAX are linked together automatically, providingeasy access and manipulation for animators who feel the need to 'tweak'Ventriloquist's work. The voice recognition system is based on LIPSinc.'sown voiceDSP technology. VoiceDSP analyzes speech and automatically outputsthe precise corresponding mouth, jaw and lip-position data in threedimensions. Output data is then generated as a stream of precise morphtargets that accurately recreate lip-synched animation. Although thisvoice-recognition lip-synching technology is not new, this is the firsttime it has come at an affordable price for smaller studios and animators.Ventriloquist is available at only $595 with a 30-percent discount throughDecember 31, 1999. For more information visit