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LIPSinc Releases AniMeter

LIPSinc has announced of the release of AniMeter, its latest facial animation application for creation of talking digital characters. The software is a metered, batch processing application that uses the pre-recorded voice to generate facial animation data, including lip-synchronization and corresponding speech gestures for 2D and 3D talking digital characters. The product gives animators great results at first pass for automated lip-synchronization, while giving production managers more control over costs on a per project basis. "AniMeter frees animators from the tedious and time-consuming process of hand scrubbing the dialogue required to create basic talking characters," said Michael Zapata III, CEO of LIPSinc. "Animators can now focus on the art of bringing talking characters to life. Further, the animators can purchase only the amount of dialog processing they need for a given project." The product is available for sale at:

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