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LIPSinc Launches LIPSinc Impersonator

LIPSinc, a provider of voice-to-animation speech technology for talking digital characters, has launched LIPSinc Impersonator, a software tool created specifically for game developers. LIPSinc automatically creates animation data files for talking characters by using an audio file as the only input. These data files are then interpreted by the game engine at runtime and played in synch with the audio for more convincing game characters with realistic facial animation. The LIPSinc Impersonator product also has a character-rigging component as a plug-in for leading animation software packages, providing a more accurate way to construct bones-based or morph-based characters for use in games. LIPSinc's animation software products are used by many computer game developers and publishers including Electronic Arts, Infogrames, 2015, Legend Entertainment and Eidos Interactive.