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Lily Tomlin's 'Edith Ann' Heads to Mobile

Edith Ann, the precocious 6-year-old character introduced by Lily Tomlin in 1969 on "Laugh-In" and developed by Tomlin and Jane Wagner, now has a game, “City Adventures with Edith Ann.”

Los Angeles, CA – Edith Ann, the precocious 6-year-old character introduced by Lily Tomlin in 1969 on Laugh-In and developed by Tomlin and Jane Wagner in animated specials, an album, and a book, now has a game, “City Adventures with Edith Ann,” available in the iTunes App Store for $0.99. Voiced by Tomlin, an animated Edith Ann guides players to different sections of the app, where kids (and adults) can play entertaining and educational activities.

“City Adventures with Edith Ann” is an enlightening journey with merriment around every corner. Discovering new words has never been as much fun as on the Word Wall, where players have two minutes to solve one of Edith Ann’s word scrambles by tapping on letters of the alphabet to fill in the answer.

The Snack Stack challenge is an organizational puzzle with chocolate chip cookies. Move the stack of cookies on plates from one side to the other– but players will need to use their brainpower to determine which moves are allowed, such as stacking smaller cookies on top of larger cookies and not vice versa. It’s very addicting to try and make the stack taller and taller!

Bug Rescue is an activity of dexterity. As gamers tap the screen to save bugs from pollution, Edith Ann encourages them to “tap it quickly” as more bugs enter the screen to be saved.

In Amazing, the race is on to get Edith Ann home to her little red house through a maze of obstacles. The clock is ticking as players move her through the labyrinth of pathways trying to avoid booby traps.

Tomlin joined the cast of the top-rated Laugh-In in 1969 and immediately rose to national prominence with her characterization of the talkative and headstrong Edith Ann. Wagner is one of America’s most distinguished playwrights, winning numerous awards throughout her career for writing and producing. Tomlin and Wagner partnered on the Edith Ann album, Edith Ann: And That’s the Truth, produced three animated primetime television specials with Edith Ann, and wrote Edith Ann's autobiography My Life, so far. They were awarded a Peabody Award for their ABC television special, Edith Ann's Christmas: Just Say Noel.

Most recently, Tomlin has been touring, and will co-star with Reba McEntire this fall on the new ABC television comedy series Malibu Country. Wagner is currently working on new stage, television and social media projects.

“City Adventures with Edith Ann” was devised by MediaMine in conjunction with Tomlin and Wagner. MediaMine is a media management company that consults with content and brand owners to realize the full potential of their assets.

“City Adventures with Edith Ann” is compatible with iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad version 3.0 or higher. For more information about Tomlin and Wagner, visit

Source: MediaMine