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Lilo & Stitch Stays In Second

After fighting a battle royal with futuristic thriller MINORITY REPORT and ending last weekend in close second, this weekend's tally finds LILO & STITCH holding fast to the number two spot while MINORITY REPORT has slipped to third. In first place was the latest Adam Sandler vehicle MR. DEEDS, which topped the chart with $37.6M. In second, LILO & STITCH grossed $22.2M for $77.8M to date and MINORITY REPORT's $21.6M was good for third, and a two-week total of $73.4M. SCOOBY DOO, with visual effects by Rhythm & Hues and Warner Bros. Feature Animation, dropped one place to fourth, with $12.2M and a cume of $123.8M. Espionage thriller THE BOURNE IDENTITY was in fifth place, adding $10.8M for $78.5M to date. It seems as though kids were spending time with Scooby and Stitch, as Nickelodeon's animated feature HEY ARNOLD! THE MOVIE debuted in sixth place with a lackluster $6M. The film was produced for $3M though, so it should still turn a tidy profit. STAR WARS: EPISODE II, with visual effects by ILM, rounded out the top ten with $3.5M for a cume of $286.1M. With LILO AND STICH and HEY ARNOLD! in the top ten, and SPIRIT: STALLION OF THE CIMARRON still playing in more than a 1,000 theaters, will there be an audience for THE POWERPUFF GIRLS when it debuts this Wednesday? Check back next week to find out! Box office information obtained from

Has Disney's magic returned with LILO & STITCH? Jerry Beck thinks so. As he explains in his review of the film, there is a lot to like about Disney's long-awaited summer release.