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Lil Red Meets Lara Croft

Uli Meyer Studios has just finished another animated commercial featuring Lil Red Button Man, the character the studio created to embody the interactive features of the BSKYB network. In "Rock Idol," Lil Red and video game star Lara Croft face off to entice viewers to play TOMB RAIDER as part of BSKYB's interactive games selection. In the spot, the animated Lara Croft is on a mission through a museum. She leaps over and ducks under laser beams until she finds what appears to be a statue of a mystical icon. Perplexed, Lara brushes away a layer of dust on the statues plaque to reveal the engraved words "Rock Idol." The statue of Lil Red suddenly comes to life and moves toward her, pouting his lips as he says, "Go on touch me I rock." The spot was created by BSKYBs Dan Morgan and Craig Marsh, produced by Cleo Hodgkinson and directed by Uli Meyer. Storyboards were completed by Matt Jones with Maya animation by Daniel Martin Peixe and Jamie Beard. Backgrounds were created by Davide Tromba and lit by Charlie Barrault-Lovett and Chris Baker. David Griffith composited the commercial in combustion. The spot was produced and edited at Uli Meyer Studios by Matt Saxton and can be seen at