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LightWorks at SIGGRAPH Asia

LightWork Design, a supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, will be exhibiting at this year’s inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia Computer Graphics Exhibition in Singapore from December 11-13. Visitors to the company’s booth -- D01 -- will be able to see some of the latest new product developments, including:

LightWorks SE:

LightWorks are launching the latest version of their Studio Edition, v2.0. LightWorks Studio Edition, or SE, is a new approach to integrated rendering. It draws on a wealth of rendering development and implementation experience, to bring you the easiest to use integrated rendering solution ever, whilst giving you access to some of the most powerful rendering available in the market today. LightWorks SE v2.0 brings the latest LightWorks functionality such as Ambient Occlusion and Complex Reflectance Shaders to the SE product suite, in the latest Product,Interior and Exterior packages.

Server Based Rendering:

LightWorks SE will be used in a Client/Server environment, to demonstrate the benefits of off loading the rendering process. Data from SE can be passed to either local or remote network machines, and the result streamed progressively or in a prescribed image format (such as bitmap or jpeg) back to the client, thus freeing up local resources.

Progressive Rendering:

Progressive Rendering, available for both LightWorks and LightWorks SE customers, will be announced and presented ahead of its general release in early 2009. Progressive Rendering provides a fully flexible, dynamic, and exciting user experience, removing the need for frequent resetting of the render scene.

LightWorks will also be previewing its new hardware rendering technology which is currently in development. This exploits the latest in Hardware/GPU functionality.

Information on other exhibitors: