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LightWave Flash Exporter Plugin Announced

Electric Rain announced the development of a plugin version of their Swift 3D product that will allow LightWave 3D users to export content directly to the Macromedia Flash file format, as well as other types of vector-based formats. Scheduled for a late Spring, 2001 release, the plugin will support both PC and Macintosh platforms, and will accurately render complex models as vector outlines, 1-4 color shaded cartoon files and realistic gradient shaded files. This announcement comes in the wake of the companys Swift 3D MAX Plugin announcement at last Februarys flashforward2001 conference. The new plugin is built around Electric Rain's RAViX II vector rendering technology, which converts 3D models and animations into vector-based gradient shaded 2D images in the SWF, AI, EPS and SVG file formats. The newest version of RAViX that powers the Swift 3D LightWave Plugin touts significant improvements in both rendering speed, export options and file size over the first generation RAViX. "NewTek is excited to see technologies like RAViX II evolving," said Brad Peebler, VP of 3D graphics for Newtek. "One of LightWave's strengths is its ability to cater to individual 3D design needs through a comprehensive suite of third party plugins. The Swift 3D LightWave Plugin will significantly extend LightWave's power with the ability to export to the SWF, AI, EPS and SVG file formats. Now LightWave users who want to publish 3D scenes or animations to the Web or to print will have a quick and easy solution that's both bandwidth-friendly and scalable." Information on the Swift 3D LightWave Plugin and RAViX II rendering technology can be found at