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Life's a Zoo Opens at Cuppa Coffee

Cuppa Coffee Studios has started production on the new comedy series LIFE'S A ZOO. The stop-motion package aimed at the 18+ crowd, includes its own Web channel.

"The response since MIP has been phenomenal," said Cuppa Coffee president/exec producer, Adam Shaheen. "We've had plenty of offers from TV, though we are also concentrating on an often overlooked aspect, which is a true Web component - not just a flimsy website but original and related programming that's not seen on TV." According to Shaheen, several potential partners saw the show as a great vehicle for online marketing and digital download sales. "We're in talks with three potential production partners to see whose sales expertise and product fit with the LIFE'S A ZOO brand in the most creative way," explains Shaheen, adding "It's nice to be pitched to rather than being the pitchee."

Shaheen went onto say, "Everyone goes on about the importance of the web and digital download capabilities, but few have really melded the platforms successfully and created regular new online programming. This project sets out to remedy that and we believe it will set the path for the rest to follow".

The production, budgeted at $6 million for the television series and $3 million for the website, is set to rollout in Canada and the rest of the world in April 2008.

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