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LifeMode Interactive Introduces LifeStudio: Head

Belmont, California-based LifeMode Interactive, Inc. has released LifeStudio: Head, a complete facial animation solution for interactive game and multimedia developers. Created using LifeMode's Macro-Muscle proprietary technology, LifeStudio: Head Tools allows artists to quickly create a wide variety of characters, complete with photo-realistic textures, real-time animation and lip-syncing. Using standard head prototypes, data libraries and flexible interface controls, users have the ability to create characters by selecting the gender, race and age, and then fine-tune the head form and face features. Realistic lip-syncing is achieved with automated WAV analysis. Programmers can also use the LifeStudio: Head API to evoke any function available in the Tool environment to control facial expressions such as emotions and speech, or character transformation. Characters can be programmed to "evolve" in real-time, such as aging or growing a beard. In addition, the LifeStudio: Head Data Import plug-in allows for the importing and integration of head models and facial animations into Maya or 3ds Max. LifeStudio: Head is the first software package in a series of game developer tools produced by LifeMode Interactive. LifeStudio: Body, a skeletal animation engine, and LifeStudio: Brains, an autonomous agents AI engine, are scheduled as subsequent releases.