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Levin Resigns From The WB

In a surprise move, Jordan Levin resigned his post as chief executive of the WB Network. WB chairman Garth Ancier will be responsible for running the network and said he would soon appoint an entertainment president to oversee programming.

Warner Bros. chairman/ceo Barry Meyer, who oversees the WB, reportedly told Levin he wanted Ancier to be the sole leader at the helm of the network. Levin could stay on in his former post as entertainment president, which Levin rejected in favor of a producing deal with Warner Bros. Television.

Meyer said he felt that even though Ancier and Levin had been working as team for less than a year, the WB's management structure needed an overhaul.

In the new structure, Ancier will continue to report to Meyer. Bruce Rosenblum, evp, Warner Bros. Television Group will continue to have day-to-day corporate responsibility for The WB.

Levin was promoted to the ceo post at The WB in September 2003 in preparation for the departure of founding WB chairman/ceo Jamie Kellner, who formally stepped down last month. At the time of Levin's promotion, WB, FOX and NBC veteran Ancier was made chairman to share Kellner's former duties with Levin. Levin maintained day-to-day oversight of programming and scheduling matters.

"Taking the non-traditional organizational route was a noble effort, but having a sole leader is simply more productive, efficient and effective," Meyer said in a statement. "Garth and Jordan are both extraordinarily talented executives and superstars in their own right. We are delighted that Jordan will become an independent producer for Warner Bros. Television. Once cannot overstate Jordan's contribution to the success of the WB, and we look forward to him duplicating that success at WBTV."

"They had a management structure in mind that although would have allowed me to continue to drive the creative direction of the company, did not allow me the opportunities and responsibilities that I had already embraced with great enthusiasm," Levin said, adding "My goals are to continue my career as both a creative and a business executive."

"Working with our talented sales team, we just completed a very successful upfront, where not only was our development season applauded, but, as importantly, we hit our business plan for the upfront, Levin continued. We have successfully launched a more year-round strategy with the successful debut of SUMMERLAND, and we have just completed a reinvigoration of our on-air marketing look. I enjoyed the process of all of these areas and I look forward to my next opportunity to work in all of these disciplines.

"So although the job of president of entertainment at The WB is a great one, it is a job I have already done and my goals are to continue my career as both a creative and a business executive," Levin said.