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Letter Campaign To Honor Bergman At Oscars

Husband of the late Mary Kay Bergman, Dino Andrade, has put out a call to

SOUTH PARK and Mary Kay Bergman fans to write to the Academy of Motion

Picture Arts and Sciences in an effort to have Mrs. Bergman included in the

"In Memoriam" segment of the 2000 Oscar ceremony. Typically, the Academy

only honors higher profile talent who have passed away in the past year. As

reported [AF 11/23/99], Mrs. Bergman took her own life on November 11, 1999

in her West Los Angeles home. The reason for her suicide was attributed to

a deep-lying mental illness. She was a prolific artist, who provided the

voice for Daphne Blake in the two most recent SCOOBY-DOO direct-to-video

films; Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in BATMAN: SUBZERO; and all but one of the

female voices on Comedy Central's SOUTH PARK. She had also been the

"official" voice of Disney's Snow White since 1989, and played numerous

characters in animation shows ranging from THE FAMILY GUY to TOY STORY 2.

If you wish to participate in the letter writing campaign please send your

letters of support to Mr. Robert Rehme, President of the Academy of Motion

Picture Arts and Sciences at 8949 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 90211.

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