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LEGO Premieres Toys From Galidor and Episode II

The LEGO Company debuted action figures from the new series GALIDOR: DEFENDERS OF THE OUTER DIMENSION at the 2002 Toy Fair. In 2001 LEGO announced a partnership with Canadian entertainment company, CinéGroupe, which gave LEGO full global merchandising rights to the television show, which is based on a story and characters developed by Tommy Lynch. The show blends live-action and animation and it premieres in the United States and Canada in February 2002. With GALIDOR, the LEGO Company has created a new organic building system, giving children the power to create characters and vehicles based on the television property. Featuring hundreds of points of articulation and 360* rotational abilities, the figures have interchangeable parts that can be built and rebuilt (a process called "glinching") to reflect the ability the shows characters have to embody the limbs of others to complete challenges. LEGO will also premiere its 2002 STAR WARS collection, which expands with 17 new items, including models based on STAR WARS EPISODE I and the upcoming EPISODE II: ATTACK OF THE CLONES. The LEGO Studios line will feature two unique studio scenes based on the May 2002 movie release of SPIDER-MAN.