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Legend3D Builds Global 3D Production Pipeline on TACTIC

Legend3D makes distributed production a reality by employing TACTIC across studios in San Diego, Los Angeles, and India.

Press release from Southpaw Technology:

Toronto, Canada – Southpaw Technology announced that Legend3D has signed a global licensing agreement to use TACTIC at its studios in San Diego, Los Angeles and India. The use of TACTIC at these studios will allow Legend3D to synchronize its databases, collaborate globally, and create one unified production workflow across time zones and geographic regions.

Founded in 2001 by Dr. Barry Sandrew, Legend3D has grown into one of the most prominent 3D conversion studios in the world. Its patented 2D-to-3D image conversion technologies have been used on a number of major motion pictures such as Hugo, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Green Lantern and The Smurfs.  The Company’s rapid rise made it increasingly necessary to find a solution that could keep the growing number of assets organized, its teams on track, and its executives informed.

In April of 2010, Legend3D’s San Diego studio installed TACTIC as the underlying backbone of its production. As the only web-based solution capable of storing and organizing assets, and tying those digital assets to production notes, status updates, tasks, and resources, TACTIC enables production teams of any size to find files instantly, and to know what they are supposed to be working on at any given time. Its built-in time tracking and reporting help teams see if production bottlenecks are occurring and how best to solve them so that productions stay on track.

Legend3D uses TACTIC to monitor all of its productions in real time, and to produce up-to-the-minute reports, such as status reports and productivity reports. They have it built into every department in the Company, including the administrative and accounting departments. With everyone in Legend3D using it, it has become the technology that moves assets through the entire creation process.

With the global license, TACTIC will now become the backbone of every Legend3D production in the world. All databases will be continually synchronized. Naming conventions and file structures will be consistent across databases. Production managers will be able to assign tasks to anyone in the global organization, and to monitor tasks from anywhere. Moreover, executives will have a real-time view of all projects happening in the organization no matter which studios are handling them.

“We view Southpaw as a strategic partner and have worked side-by-side with them to create the system we have today,” said Anthony Lopez, Legend3D’s director of information technology. “We have been able to leapfrog two years of development by utilizing TACTIC’s capabilities. It is such an expandable tool. Unlike other asset and production management tools in this category, it has been able to adapt to our production needs rather than the other way around, and to scale as the team size, asset database and number of projects grow. We’re confident that it can now grow with us as our global reach expands.”

“Our vision for TACTIC has always been to handle productions no matter how distributed they are,” said Gary Mundell, CEO of Southpaw Technology. “We now have some underlying capabilities in our technology that make it extremely good at handling database synchronization, global task assignment and workflow standardization, and we look forward to working hand-in-hand with Legend3D as they bring those capabilities online.”

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