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League of Super Evil Sells In Six New Countries

Nerd Corps Entertainment’s villainous original property, League of Super Evil continues to show kids all over the world how good it is to be bad! As season two prepares for launch, the series has added six new countries to its ever-expanding map.

League of Super Evil

Press Release from Nerd Corps Entertainment

VANCOUVER (September 22, 2010) -- Nerd Corps Entertainment’s villainous original property, League of Super Evil continues to show kids all over the world how good it is to be bad! As season two prepares for launch, the series has added six new countries to its ever-expanding map.

As the second season wraps production and fall launches are geared up, top-rated German children’s network SUPER RTL has added its might to the League’s world domination attempt, and will be adding it to its TOGGO kids block in spring of 2011. “We loved the off-beat humor and silly super villain send-ups in the show,” says Super RTL’s Programme Director, Carsten Göttel. “The concept of bringing the over-the-top world of super villains down to a neighbourhood kid level is one that we think German kids will like very much.”

Meanwhile, Nerd Corps’ distribution team has been working steadily to bring on even more territories, including TV3 in Spain which will air in 2011, and Disney XD in Germany, which launched in the spring. Additionally, Paris, France-based PGS Entertainment has locked down several new European and Latin American territories for League of Super Evil, which will be announced shortly.

“We’re happy to see League of Super Evil finding such fantastic new broadcast berths in so many places around the world,” says Nerd Corps’ El Presidente Ken Faier. “It’s anamazing level of support and we truly couldn’t ask for better partnerships.” The series is produced as two consecutive 11-minute segments and is aimed at a core kid demographic of 6- to 11-year-olds. Additionally, Nerd Corps has created 30-second shorts tied to each episode for use as bonus on-air content of evil.

About the showArmed with a whole new approach to badness, The League of Super Evil (a.k.a. L.O.S.E.) follows four bumbling Super Villains who have set their sights on nothing less than total neighbourhood domination! Between using a Shiruken anime robot to win a playground slam dunk competition, inventing a super-computer to protect Voltar’s sweet new evil BMX bike, or hosting a neighbourhood barbeque and evilly not inviting ANY of the neighbors, L.O.S.E. struggles ever-onward to its goal of total mindless fun! Isn't it time the Villains got their due?

Produced by the evil masterminds at Nerd Corps Entertainment, this hilarious 39 x half hours (78 x 11-minute segments) comedy series is geared at six- to 11-year-olds. The show has aired or is about to launch in more than 100+ countries around the world, including Cartoon Network in the U.S. and YTV in Canada, as well as the BBC’s children’s channel in the U.K. CBBC, Canal + and Canal J in France, Disney XD Latin America, MBC (Middle East), NOGA (Israel), Nickelodeon in Spain, Portugal, Benelux and the Nordic Territories, and Cartoon Network Asia has picked up both broadcast and merch rights for 25 countries in the region, including Australia and New Zealand.

About Nerd Corps Entertainment, Inc.Nerd Corps Entertainment is a privately-held production, distribution and IP development company based out of Vancouver, Canada. The company’s mandate is to produce stylistically innovative animated projects for television, film and online based on a solid foundation of creative and storytelling. Working in a state of the art studio with more than 120 highly skilled artists and production staff, Nerd Corps’ expertise in creative input and execution covers all aspects of property creation and management, from production to distribution, marketing, interactive development and licensing. The studio’s stable of productions includes award-winning series Storm Hawks and League of Super Evil, as well as Dragon Booster for Alliance Atlantis and Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5 for Nelvana and Mattel, Inc. For more information, please go to:

About SUPER RTLThanks to high-quality programming which not only appeals to little folks but also meets the educational requirements of parents, SUPER RTL is by far the most popular TV channel among kids. For the past 12 years, SUPER RTL has reigned supreme as Germany’s uncontested market leader on the children’s TV market, having the broadest reach of any children’s channel across Europe. Yet this Cologne-based station, first launched back in April 1995, attracts more than just younger audiences: it offers programmes for the whole family, including classic animation films, cartoon specials, kids’ feature films, in-house shows and comedies for prime time viewing after 8.15 pm.

About PGS EntertainmentFounded in 2008 by Philippe Soutter, PGS Entertainment is an international distribution company specialising high profile programs for the children’s and family markets. Key new properties include; Iron Man: Armored Adventures from Method and Marvel; The Little Prince of Saint-Exupery from Method; I.N.K from Samka; The Marsupilami: Hooba Hooba Hop! from Marsu Productions and Samka; League Of Super Evil from Nerd Corps Entertainment; Toobo from InteractiFactory, George & Barbra from Moving Puppet and The Gees from studio Hari.

Find out more about the company and our latest shows at

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