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The LEAF Falls On Phantom Menace

On November 18, 1999, LEAF, the London Effects & Animation Festival,bestowed their award for best effects in a feature film on STAR WARS:PHANTOM MENACE. Over 700 industry personalities watched LEAF's finale, anhour long visual effects smorgasbord from around the world. Rob Coleman wason hand to except the award for Industrial Light & Magic's work on thePHANTOM MENACE. Other winners included: AKA Pizazz's "Megalomaniac" forbest commercial animation; Jason Shulman's HOLLOW for best student film;Benjamin Smith for Stormfront Digital Pictures' THE MILLENNIUM BUG for bestsimulation; The Mill's Lincoln ad entitled "Surprising Journey" for bestlive-action commercial; Framestore's "Walking with Dinosaurs" for besteducational and training film; Glasswork's video for Bjork's "All is Fullof Love;" Blue Sky Studios' BUNNY for best short film; and Jim Henson'sCreature Shop's "Toyota Goldfish" for best titles, indents and stings.

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