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Lavish Pan Flies Higher on DVD

The live-action PETER PAN, another underrated gem from 2003, comes to DVD May 4, 2004 (Universal Home Video, $26.98) showing off CGI as gorgeous eye candy. The vfx (courtesy of ILM, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Digital Domain, Riot, among others) help push the wonder and whimsy of J.M. Barrie's immortal tale. Extras consist of 11 featurettes divided into five sections devoted to CGI, flying, characters, casting and more. In the Darling House, for instance, you'll find a deleted scene as well as an alternate ending more in keeping with the book in which Pan returns.

Here's a brief rundown on the extras:

* Darling House: Alternate Ending, Deleted Scenes, Me & My Shadow, In the Dog House with Nana* Neverland Forest: Explore the Forest, Tinkerbell: Behind the Fairy Dust, I Do Believe in Fairies and Princess Tiger Lily* Black Castle: Enter the Castle, Learning to Fly, The Mermaids Tale, DVD-Rom* Pirates' Ship: Board the Pirate Ship, Through the Eyes of Captain Hook, The Pirates vs. The Lost Boys, The Lost Pirate Song* Home Under The Ground: Dig Under the Home, The Legacy of Pan, Hosted by Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess's Outtakes, Lost Boys on the Set