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The latest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now online and ready for download. This issue tackles the world of direct-to-video. Despite a recent burst in production of animated shorts, short film compilation discs remain a tiny niche within the DVD market. Karen Raugust reports. John Cawley looks into the business of expanding a franchise in the world of direct-to-video. Janet Hetherington examines how original animated direct-to-DVD animated adventures based on toy brands may extend the play value of popular toys. Joe Strike uncovers the end of the line for Disney direct-to-video sequels and how the studio is moving forward under the new corporate climate.

Additionally, Strike connects with the filmmakers behind TMNT to discover the mystical secrets behind Imagi Ent.'s first CG feature and the relaunch of a popular franchise. Bill Desowitz speaks with some of the creative forces behind Disney's latest animated feature, MEET THE ROBINSONS. In the lead up to their first full-length movie and forthcoming hour-long finale, Raugust digs up the scoop on the making of Cartoon Network's long-running series, THE GRIM ADVENTURES OF BILLY AND MANDY. Sarah Baisley talks with Marc du Pontavice, founder/president of Xilam, about how and why French producers have gained the advantage in the global animation industry.

For our columns, Martin "Dr. Toon" Goodman chronicles the long history of animation colliding with celebrity. This month, "Mind Your Business," boldly goes where no column has gone before... Mark Simon reveals the STAR TREK rule of art delivery. In her latest column, Nancy Cartwright will begin a series of insider takes on the animation industry. This month, she chats with longtime SIMPSONS producer Mike Scully. In this month's "Career Coach" column, Pamela Kleibrink Thompson celebrates St. Patrick's Day by laying out the reasons why counting on luck for success is a recipe for failure.

In reviews, Raugust reports from Toy Fair 2007 where classics and franchises, many from the world of animation, dominated the show floor. Greg Singer reports how Pixar manages to capture lightning in a bottle via a special panel that was part of Screenwriting Expo 5. Nancy Denney-Phelps reports back on the international carnival feel of Anima Brussels. Andrew Farago goes geeky at the growing WonderCon and tells us what Hollywood had in store for fans in the San Francisco Bay area. Strike attends year two of the New York Comic Con to find out if the event is growing to a must-attend level like other Cons or if it will fade away in a few years. Bob Swain and Ron Diamond check out the films a Cartoon Movie to give us a preview of the animated features coming out of Europe.

In anime reviews, Chris Feldman takes an in-depth look at the first volume of LE CHEVALIER D'EON, the third volume of NOEIN and BOBOBO-BO BO-BOBO: Bo-NAFIDE PROTECTOR V.1. For this month's "Press Start," Peter "The Rizk" Rizkalla reviews four PSP games, SYPHON FILTER: DARK MIRROR, LUMINES II, TEKKEN: DARK RESURRECTION and METAL GEAR SOLID: PORTABLE OPS. Libby Reed cracks open Dave Brain's new book, GARDNER'S GUIDE TO DRAWING FOR ANIMATION, and tells us if he draws a good map to learning structural drawing or just scribbled out gibberish that should have ended up in the waste bin. And as always, Taylor Jessen returns with five more short film reviews in "Fresh from the Festivals."

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