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Latest Animation World Magazine Acrobat Now Online!

The newest Acrobat edition of Animation World Magazine is now online and this time around covers pitching and development. Sarah Baisley outlines some of the basic concerns when pitching for sub-contracting work. Christopher Panzner looks at how independent producers have to be a vertically-integrated individual as well as a little of a cowboy to survive in the industry. Jan Nagel write two articles one deal with the rules of the pitching game and the other dealing with the essentials of a show bible.

Scott Shaw! takes a look at the animation sequences of the live-action FAT ALBERT film. Taylor Jessen delves into the animation work Henry Selick produced for THE LIFE AQUATIC WITH STEVE ZISSOU. In part two of a two-part piece, Christopher Panzner gives readers a detailed guide to where financing is found throughout Asia.

As for our columns, Dr. Toon handicaps the Oscar race. The Animation Pimp has a new take on the impact of Chris Landreths RYAN and the need to celebrate those who have successfully overcome their demons. The Career Coach gives some holiday shopping tips that will help your career and the animation industry in general. Ellen Besen kicks off her Make It Real series with a talk with Chris Landreth as well. As for book excerpts we have articles from Gene Deitchs HOW TO SUCCEED IN ANIMATION and Susannah Shaws STOP MOTION.

Greg Singer and Sarah Baisley review Brain Camp and June Foray reports back her experiences from Hiroshima. Janet Hetherington reviews DON BLUTHS THE ART OF STORYBOARDING while Taylor Jessen returns with more short film reviews and Fred Patten takes a look at the newest anime releases on DVD.

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