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Latest Animation World Magazine Acrobat Is Live!

The latest Acrobat version of Animation World Magazine is now live. The theme for April was gaming. Janet Hetherington takes a look at Sonys new PlayStation Portable and the challenges of creating big games for the small screen. Karen Raugust looks at how PC and console games are making their way into films and other media while film directors, writers and actors are setting up their own gaming companies. Fred Galpern takes a look at how the progress and advances in technology are shaping the future of the quality of gaming animation. Christopher Harz delves into the ever-growing field of serious games being used by the military and government agencies for training.

As for columns, Dr. Toon ponders the areas of animation in which he covers via a comment made from the Animation Pimp, who in his column talks about seeing angels and JJ Villards SON OF SATAN. In part 3 of the Make It Real series, Ellen Besen discusses the impact of new technology on performance and the future roles of technology, new and old. Career Coach celebrates April Fools Day with a look at all the wisdom written about foolishness and applies it to career matters.

As for book excerpts we have the last section from Gene Deitchs HOW TO SUCCEED IN ANIMATION as well as another installment from 3D FOR BEGINNERS. Additionally we have three event reviews Sarah Fay Krom covers Hong Kongs DELF, Bob Swain and Ron Diamond report back from Cartoon Movie and Adam Snyder tells us about BrainCamp. Taylor Jessen returns with five new short film reviews in Fresh from the Festivals and he also takes a look at two new books and a double DVD collection that celebrate the life and work of Ray Harryhausen.

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