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Lanterna Magica To Produce Gino the Chicken

Italian animation studio Lanterna Magica, along with studios Enarmonia and Melazeta, have been given the go-ahead to produce GINO THE CHICKEN, a 52-episode TV series. The show is a co-production with Italian state television, RAI and is scheduled to be delivered in January 2006. Lanterna Magica plans to use Toon Boom Animation's Concerto to produce the series.

Starting as a Webtoon, GINO THE CHICKEN tells the adventurous story of Gino and his friends, who are constantly battling the evil beings that populate the Internet and the world outside.

Lanterna Magica and its partners received hands-on Concerto training from Toon Boom. During the intense training sessions, the studios had the opportunity to learn about Concerto's features and efficiencies while working on material from their production. "We are very happy with the results so far," stated Michele Buri, production manager at Lanterna Magica, "and the training has proven to be extremely useful in getting us up-to-speed as quickly and smoothly as possible."

She added, "When we saw that Concerto could out-perform Flash in terms of productivity and quality, we decided to stop the production and switch to Concerto."

Designated as Toon Boom Animation Inc, the company carries several leading animation products, including USAnimation OPUS and Toon Boom Studio. Toon Boom also offers consulting and training services dedicated to increasing animation production efficiency and quality. For additional information, visit

Torino-based Lanterna Magica is a leading animation production company in Italy. For more information, visit

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