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LAIKA/house Signs Carlos Andre Stevens

LAIKA/house adds Carlos Andre Stevens to its in-house director roster.

Portland, OR --

Animation content studio LAIKA/house, the commercial arm of the studio behind last year's stop-motion feature ParaNorman, has added Carlos Andre Stevens to its in-house director roster. The return to Portland is a homecoming for Stevens, as he was most recently a Director/Creative Director at LOGAN/NY. Stevens previously held a directorship at Süperfad/Seattle after completing his studies and launching his career in Portland, OR.

“I returned to Portland for the phenomenal opportunity to work at LAIKA/house. It’s exciting to join a studio with such expertise in visually rich storytelling and creating compelling characters. I honestly can’t ask for a better environment: A world-class facility housing all mediums of animation production and a large crew of talented artists. I have profound respect for LAIKA’s animation legacy and believe it is a place where I can flourish and accomplish truly amazing work,” Stevens remarked.

“New York City was terrifically fun, but I need more nature. I was a competitive downhill and freestyle skier growing up, so I love the fact that I can be at the beach, in lush forests and on snow-capped mountains in less than a two-hour drive from Portland. Skiing ignited a passion for risk-taking that I continue to seek out in both my professional and personal life. The quality of life in Portland enriches creativity,” Stevens said.

In addition to LOGAN and Süperfad, Stevens’s experience includes Partner and Director at Sotis Design and Motion Designer at Nervo and K2 Sports. His career highlights include:

  • Sony“Eye Candy” (C-Director,  Süperfad)
  • FirstBoards Awards Winner “Motion Designer of the Year”
  • Cannes-Integrated Gold Lion for “Sprint Now Anthem” (2010)
  • AICPShow- Best of Graphic Design Winner, “Sprint Now Anthem” (2010)
  • StudentAcademy Awards- Nominated for Best Animated Film, “Toumai” (2008)

“I’m excited to start working with partners and clients and to push the industry as hard as I possibly can now, knowing what I’ve learned in my travels and career experiences. I feel I’m in a great position to bring back to Portland everything I’ve gathered while I was away,” Stevens added.

Stevens’s addition comes during a year of successes for the animation studio, including the animation of the highly popular M&M’S Super Bowl XLVII spot (Love Ballad). In addition, LAIKA’s stop-motion feature ParaNorman was nominated for an Oscar and continues to receive international acclaim.

“I am delighted to announce the signing of Carlos Andre Stevens to our director roster,” LAIKA/house President and EP Lourri Hammack said. “His playful, easy-going nature belies a serious artist who is determined to take his career to stratospheric heights. We are honored to have his unique creative voice join our creative leadership team and support his vision for worldwide animation domination.”

Source: LAIKA/house

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