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Lacroix Fades From Fantome

Fantome, one of Europe's premier producers of 3D animation, was founded in

1985 by Georges Lacroix. Fantome has gained an international reputation,

and garnered more than 40 international prizes, including an Emmy. Its most

notable credits are: THE GEOMETRIC FABLES (50 x 3 minutes), the first

computer-generated animation series ever made, and INSEKTORS (26 x 13 min)

which has sold in more than 160 countries. In 1998 after being faced with

financial difficulties (AWM 3.2), the company was finally bought by Belgian

Group Neurones (AF 3/3/99) in 1999. Georges Lacroix was asked to serve as

the studio's director and artistic director, as well as heading specific

Neurones/Fantome projects. Lacroix wants to inform the animation industry

that he no longer works for Fantome and will not be involved in Fantome's

and Neurones' upcoming productions and future projects. Considering that

his name has been closely associated with Fantome for over 15 years,

Lacroix wanted to communicate this new situation in order to avoid

confusion with the many international business relationships he has gained

over the years.

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