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Krumme Pumps Life Into Integris Heart Center Spots

German director Raimund Krumme has just completed work on two 30-second spots for the Oklahoma-based Integris Heart Center by way of Dallas advertising agency latitude and producers Acme Filmworks. Krumme is well known for his sophisticated line art and "Pushing the Edge" and "Multi-Speciality Resources" were created in Krumme's signature character animation style. The animation was hand drawn and animated on paper by Krumme, who also directed the spots. "Pushing the Edge" (top two images right) finds a physician standing on the edge of an undefined lined surface. The physician looks out ahead and contemplates a move, then stretches, tugs and pulls on the edges of the surface until it is revealed that he is shaping a heart. "Multi-Speciality Resources" (bottom two images - right) opens with a physician standing in deep thought on a curved surface. He moves to the edge and is greeted by a fellow colleague who is standing across from him at the edge of another curved surface. The surface is revealed to be a heart and then the specialists are shown collaborating on the different parts of the human body. Krumme said he communicated the agency's idea by combining a surreal and realistic landscape symbolizing a scientist's or doctor's specialized territory. "I used pencil and moderate coloring to create a stylized realistic touch," he explained. "Our client gave us the opportunity to tell their story with a simple concept and in a straightforward fashion that only animation could do," says latitude creative director Paul vonHeeder. "Raimund's distinctive style of storytelling will help keep Integris Heart Center at the forefront of people's minds." Broadcast producers for latitude were Charlene Wisdom and Bridget Fontenot. The art director was Tammy Lucas, creative director Paul vonHeeder and copywriter Omar Curiel. Credits for Acme Filmworks, Inc. include executive producer Ron Diamond, animators Rosangela De Araujo, Andreas Rohde, Elke Stoessel, Herdis Albrecht & Ulf Grenzer and lead compositor/color stylist Nicolas Mermet.

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