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KromA Doubles the Pleasure for Coors Light Spot

In creating visual effects for a new Coors Light spot, KromA conjured up the unique visions of a man bent on doubling his pleasure.

Conceived by Chicago agency Foote, Cone & Belding and directed by HSI's Joseph Kahn, the spot centers on a man who gets a new pair of glasses not to see better just to see more. The glasses cause the man to experience double vision so that when he goes to the beach he sees twice the number of beautiful women. The spot is set to the Jan & Dean tune "Surf City," which includes the refrain "two girls for every boy."

The double vision effect was accomplished by shooting scenes of women playing volleyball, flipping burgers and strolling along the beach with two cameras representing right eye and left eye perspectives. In post, KromA visual effects supervisor/lead artist Bert Yukich melded the two images together by extracting details from one camera view and setting them into the other. The integration is accomplished in such a way that the background appears to be seamless.

"Since we had two plates that are very similar we could choose to double things or not," explained Yukich. "There is a certain point where the two shots line up and there is only one image, but at most points there are two trees, two girls, two sets of twins."

Yukich added that simply doubling an image shot from a single camera wouldn't have done the trick. "If you look closely, you can see the perspective shifts from the right eye and left eye elements," he said. "That's why it looks like double vision." Yukich completed the effect by defocusing the edge of the frame to suggest a person's field of vision.

KromA performed effects work on a second spot out of FCB, Chicago, for Coors Original. The spot features motorcycle customizer Jesse James from Discovery Channel's MONSTER GARAGE who collects empty Coors cans, bottle caps and tap handles from a bar and uses them to build a "Coors Original" chopper. KromA's role in that project was to create a CG bottle cap flipped by a waitress at the bar and to enhance James' customized motorcycle with additionally Coors detailing.

Amy Yukich was exec producer for KromA.

KromA is located at 9421 & 1/2 Pico Blvd.., Los Angeles, California. 90035. For more information, call (310) 282-0370 or visit