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Korean Studio Aims to Zap Buyers At MIP

FXDigital/DiFarm, a Korean and Los Angeles based digital studio specializing in 3D animation production, is debuting its BUMPER KING ZAPPER (26x30) animated series aimed at kids 7-12, at MIP-TV. Set to broadcast on SBS Korea in September 2003, BUMPER KING ZAPPER takes place in the year 2034 in the city of Kore, where a young boy named Tyron dreams of becoming the king of "Bumper Cross," the remote control racing game that dominates pop culture society. Along with his friend Javio, a bumper car racing prodigy, a phantom spirit and an amazing legendary bumper car; they seek victory in racing against new pilots and defeat an evil man named Jamakan. Other MIP-TV 2003 new program offerings, according to Junny Shim, FX digital sales manager, include: 3D animated features, THE GREAT WAR (1x78) a futuristic war story between kingdoms, featuring man against cyborg; and BREMEN (1x78) a deaf girls dream to save a friends soul results in a fantastic musical journey. New 3D animated series include CYBERACERS (1x78 or 22x26)and KKHOMZI (104x5). FX Digital/DiFarm, founded in 1998 as part of FX Digital (, also produces digital content for visual effects production, virtual reality production, themepark ride content, television commercial production, music video, film and television titles.