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KOCCA Launches Non-Profit Animation Studio

KOCCA (Korea Culture & Content Agency), an organization which supports and fosters foster the continuing expansion of Korean animation production for the global marketplace, has established a full-service, state-of-the-art 2D/3D animation studio.

The studio will provide animation producers with a one-stop facility for planning, producing and marketing original animated properties for distribution worldwide. The KOCCA Animation Studio will also provide an experienced project manager to oversee each project throughout the production and marketing process. The agency, which up to now has been repping a collection of studios in Korea, said it expects the KOCCA Animation Studio will become an important part of the infrastructure that will improve animation-producing capability in Korea.

KOCCA will select projects for the non-profit facility, and provide selected producers with the studios production infrastructure, office space and production expenses. The producers will not need to pay for any of the services provided by the new KOCCA-managed studio. Two shows, among the first 41 applicants, have already been selected with production to begin during the first half of 2006. An additional 10 projects are planned be produced with additional funding throughout the year.

The KOCCA Animation Studio underscores our deep commitment to supporting the opportunities of Korean animation producers and furthering Korean content throughout the world, said KOCCA ceo Suh Byoung-Moon. The KOCCA studio provides Korean animation producers with a world-class production facility and a highly trained and experienced staff, all designed to help Korean producers transform their creative ideas into reality.

Fostering the growth of the creative content industries in Korea under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, KOCCA ( actively promotes Korean companies involved in animation, character licensing, music, comics, games and mobile and Internet content by serving as a global bridge between Korean content providers and international partners. KOCCA is committed to developing and promoting the Korean content industries, to building infrastructure and relevant technology for developing creativity, to fostering industry professionals and ensure sustainable development, to developing global partnerships and support industry marketing efforts, and to encourage industry investment and strengthen Korea as a global content provider.