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Knoll Light Factory now available for Avid

The popular Knoll Light Factory plug-in from Puffin Designs was recentlyreleased for Avid Xpress, Media Composer, and Symphony -- the trimmedversion ofKnoll Lens Flare Pro is titled Knoll Lens Flare AVX. The software allows usersto create lens flares with an unprecedented level of precision and control.Based on the Lens Primitives in Knoll Lens Flare Pro, the plug-in consistsof anumber of filters which include elements modeled on professional camera lensesand various light sources. AVX also includes an EZ filter which allows users tochoose from 39 pre-built effects which can be used to create lens flaresfor anything from glowing rocket engines to Star Trek-style photontorpedoes. The plug-in comes from the brilliant mind of John Knoll, an ILMvisual effects supervisor whose credits include STAR WARS: EPISODE I, STARTREK FIRST CONTACT, AND MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. Knoll was also a co-creator ofindustry standard paint program Adobe Photoshop. For more information

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