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Klasky Csupo & Nickelodeon Clarify Production Status

When the fansite (which is not connected with Nickelodeon) posted news that Klasky Csupo was only getting an order from Nick for eight episodes of the RUGRATS spinoff, ALL GROWN UP, and thereby was laying off lots of employees, AWN asked reps at Nickelodeon and Klasky Csupo to respond.

A Nick rep replied to AWN, " Nickelodeon has ordered a total of 25 episodes (additional 12) of ALL GROWN UP. We have also just green-lit a pilot from Klasky called, WHAT'S COOKING. K/C is invigorating their development pipeline, and we look forward to producing the next generation of K/C hits. The other long-running K/C Nicktoons, which remain popular in the Nielsens, have completed production, having reached or gone beyond the standard total number of episodes for self-syndication."

Terry Thoren, ceo of K/C, responded, "Nick ordered 10 more episodes of ALL GROWN UP, and we have two other series in development with them. The other shows temporarily ceased production because we have produced a huge quantity of each, and it will take some time before all of them air on Nick. This is not to say that Nick wont order more shows in the future.

"When the childrens market shifted and the networks began cutting back their orders," Thoren continued, "We built a new division of the company called Global Tantrum. This area of the company focuses on developing and producing content for adults. Along with the current production of THE IMMIGRANTS on TNN ,we have 32 new series in development. These shows are targeted to the Viacom networks MTV, TNN, VH1, Comedy Central, Showtime, UPN and CBS. It is only a matter of minutes before we are lined up with show orders at the pace that we have enjoyed in the past."