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Klasky Csupo Matures with Global Tantrum Arm

Klasky Csupo Animation Studio has launched a mature entertainment arm, Global Tantrum ( Klasky Csupo ceo Terry Thoren will oversee all business operations. Global Tantrum will target the 18-35 age group and produces TV series, feature films and content for the Internet.

Klasky Csupo principal Gabor Csupo said, "It is refreshing to have a vehicle that expresses such a different creative vision. We hope viewers are entertained by the material, whether in film, television or internet form as we move forward with the Global Tantrum brand."

The new division is in development on a feature animation project, THE WAY THE DEAD LOVE, based on the writings of Charles Bukowski. The new Website features a series of original Webisodes, including BUKOWSKI, STINKY PIERRE and YOU ANIMAL.

BUKOWSKI was created by novelist and director Bruce Wagner based on the writings of Charles Bukowski. The follows the writer's life as he gets intertwined with that of his literary alter-ego, Henry Chinasky, in a tale of sex, poetry, alcohol, life and death. The five Webisodes were directed by Igor Kovalyov and produced by Csupo. John Andrews served as supervising producer and Dan Puglisi and J.C. Cheng are assoc. producers. The original design was created by Laslo Nosek. Tracy Kramer and Terry Thoren exec. produced.

YOU ANIMAL, also created by Wagner, is an animated show where humans and animals intermingle in a spoof of celebrity life. The short developed by Csupo and Arlene Klasky. Kovalyov directed and Susan Ward produced. Kramer and Eryk Casemiro are co-exec. producers and Cella Nichols Harris is the supervising producer. Main character and production design was handled by Nosek.

STINKY PIERRE was created by Everett Peck who also created the main character design. It was developed by Csupo, Arlene Klasky and Adam Cohen, who wrote the Web short. The story follows Buster Roland, a bright and innocent 10-year-old who just lost his parents, who goes to live with his uncle Raymond "Stinky" Pierre, an odd thespian who lives in his rundown apartment, surrounded by a full bar, Cuban cigars and French erotica. Andrei Svislotski and Zhenia Delioussine directed, and Ward produced. Casemiro co-exec. produced and Harris was the supervising producer.

Global Tantrum also has a six-episode TV series for Spike TV called IMMIGRANTS.

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