Klasky-Csupo Flips To Flipbook

Klasky-Csupo has implemented DigiCel's FlipBook pencil test system into the production pipeline at their Hollywood studio, replacing the Amiga/Take-2 systems. With a need for a more integrated working environment to eliminate the studios dependence on non-standard equipment, Klasky-Csupo's technical department investigated the options and went with DigiCel's FlipBook. For Klasky-Csupo's animators, FlipBooks thumbnail Xsheet offers multiple editing options including the ability to edit a scene while it is playing and see the results immediately. Klasky-Csupo, whose upcoming feature film THE WILD THORNBERRY'S, will be in theaters December 2002, has used FlipBook on their last two motion pictures. For more information about DigiCel FlipBook go to www.digicelinc.com.