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KISS & Platinum Studios Create Comic Venture

Platinum Studios Inc. and KISS Catalog Ltd., the billion-dollar merchandising empire created and managed by KISS' original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, announced the creation of a new worldwide comicbook entertainment company, the KISS Comics Group ( This is the first time KISS will be producing its own comicbook-based characters; this co-run venture will enable KISS and Platinum Studios to publish and expand the comicbook characters' images onto numerous multi-media platforms including print, mobile, online, film, television and licensed merchandise products.

KISS 4K, the story of the transformation of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley and the other KISS band members from rock stars to world-protecting warrior spirits, is the first branded property released by KISS Comics Group. KISS 4K will debut as the world's largest comicbook priced at $50. Limited edition preview book, character merchandise and mobile comic art are available now online at This is the first comicbook-based property to simultaneously launch all of its merchandise in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

"We have been talking with Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about doing something together for years and when Gene approached me with the idea of creating the KISS Comics Group co-venture, we knew we could build something massive," said Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Platinum Studios' founder/chairman. "Platinum Studios has been working with independent comic book creators for years creating record breaking box office numbers and comic book sales. With more than 4,000 KISS fan sites worldwide supported by cross generations of fans, we have a built-in global audience for the KISS Comics Group."

"We've had licensed KISS comicbooks before, but never our own imprint and never with the wide reach across so many multi-media platforms," said Simmons. "Paul Stanley and I are personally involved in all day-to-day decisions and we are looking forward to extending the KISS legacy, images and sound to our fans around the world."

"As the iconic KISS characters have continued to evolve far beyond our beginning in rock music, we have always looked for the ideal situation for a KISS comicbook outlet that was as far reaching as we originally conceived and intended. Platinum fills that slot perfectly," said Stanley.

Signatures Network and Dell Furano will be handling worldwide licensing for KISS Comics Group and for KISS 4K on behalf of the co-venture. Characters from Platinum Studios library of more than 3,800 will appear in the KISS books.

Platinum Studios is an entertainment company that controls the world's largest independent library of comic book characters, which it adapts and produces for all forms of media. Platinum Studios' library contains more than 3,800 characters and a full range of genres and styles including, the largest Web comics community. For more information, see

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