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KISS’ Paul Stanley Part of Halloween Happenings on The WB and Kids’ WB

The WB offers scary-family-fun during its first-ever all-original Halloween themed programming lineup on October 24, 2003 (8:00-10:00 pm). The WB will kickoff the fright-night festivities with the second original primetime special for the network, A SCOOBY-DOO HALLOWEEN (8:00 pm), followed by BUGS BUNNY'S HOWL-OWEEN SPECIAL (8:30 pm) and the hilarious horrors in THE WB'S OUTRAGEOUS HALLOWEEN OUTTAKES (9:00-10:00 pm). On Oct. 25, Kids WB! Offers a holiday-themed episode of JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES.

From Warner Bros. Animation, The WB introduces the second primetime special for the network, A SCOOBY-DOO HALLOWEEN. The animated special is yet another extension of the Scooby-Doo brand, which also includes the Kids' WB! all-original series WHAT'S NEW SCOOBY-DOO?

In this primetime special, the Scooby Gang heads to the eerie town of Banning Junction to spend Halloween with Velma's aunt (voiced by Julia Sweeney), uncle (voiced by Diedrich Bader) and the very beautiful and equally flirtatious cousin Marcy (voiced by Jenny McCarthy). The gang joins the townspeople in celebrating their renowned "100 Years of Halloween" festivities, including a crowning of the Queen of the Masquerade Ball and an amped out performance by the rock band KISS (with the voice of Paul Stanley). As strange and spine-tingling things begin to happen, a fearful townswoman (voiced by Rhea Perlman) proclaims it is the ghost of Hank Banning, the town's founder and ousted mayor, back to seek revenge on the town that wronged him 100 years ago as his declared prophecy comes true with signs in the corn fields.

While Shaggy (voiced by Casey Kasem) and Scooby (voiced by Frank Welker) anxiously wait to meet KISS and go trick-or-treating for tons of candy, they reluctantly aid Fred (voiced by Welker), Daphne (voiced by Grey Delisle) and Velma (voiced by Mindy Cohn) to reveal who is really behind the Halloween mischief. Additional guest-voice appearances in the special include Stacy Keach, Tom Kenny and Daran Norris.

Featuring WBA and Hanna-Barbera classic cartoon characters, Bugs takes on ghosts, ghouls and goblins in this "trick-or-treat" holiday tale, BUGS BUNNY'S HOWL-OWEEN SPECIAL. Off trick-or-treating disguised as a witch, Bugs arrives at Witch Hazels door. She considers him an enemy and tries to eliminate him with one of her special brews. In the adventures that ensue, Witch Hazel and Bugs try to best each other as the #1 Halloween scare, involving a number of innocent bystanders along the way. Before the night is out, Tweety and Daffy Duck will become monsters, Speedy Gonzales will become Witch Hazel's double and Porky Pig and Sylvester will attempt to fend off the "hare-raising" haunts.

Hosted by Anthony Anderson (ALL ABOUT THE ANDERSONS), who is in SCARY MOVIE 3, THE WB'S OUTRAGEOUS HALLOWEEN OUTTAKES one-hour special consists of bloopers from more than a dozen horror movies, including classics THE EXORCIST, THE HOWLING, YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, the re-make of WILLARD, and the acclaimed television series The X-FILES. The special also will include hidden camera/practical jokes and a hilarious Halloween home video.

Now in its fourth season, JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES features a festive Halloween Oct. 25 at 9:00 am ET/8:00 am PT on Kids WB! with the holiday-themed episode, "Fright Night Fight" that has all the trademarks of a good Halloween party, complete with costumes, treats...and a few good tricks.

The series features action hero Jackie Chan and his team, including Uncle, Tohru and his feisty niece Jade, as they attempt to keep the evil Tarakudo and his weary Henchmen from finding nine powerful Japanese Oni Masks scattered across the globe. In this episode, as Halloween approaches, Paco protégé of Jackie's good friend El Toro is determined to have a scarier costume than Jade, so he decides to try on one of the mystical Oni Masks. Not realizing the true powers the mask holds within, he is transformed into the mask's "demon" Paco. He kidnaps Jade, trying to prove he has the most frightening costume for Halloween.

Uncle and Tohru mistakenly hand out the chi spell ingredient needed to release Paco from the Oni Mask to a trick-or-treater. They race against time to retrieve the ingredient before "demon" Paco destroys Jackie and the team.

JACKIE CHAN ADVENTURES is produced by Sony Pictures Television for Kids WB! Jeff Kline, Duane Capizzi, Jackie Chan, Willie Chan, Brian Gersh and Solon So serve as exec producers.

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